ID Protection

Identity Protection – Because we care!


  • Keeps your private information
  • Prevents your domain from spammers
  • Protects you against identity theft

Why our Identity Protection?

Did you know that current domain regulations require that your private contact information be included in a publicly accessible database known as “WhoIs database”? This means that your private information is displayed and made available to anyone that wants to see it (and used by spammers, hackers, name hijackers, identity thieves), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Without ID Protection (Private Registration), spammers can easily obtain your e-mail address from harvesting, and then use it for spamming purposes, and/or redistribution to marketing firms. Your e-mail address can stay on file with various spammers and marketing firms for years.

What is Identity Protection?

ID Protection works in the same way as having your phone number “unlisted”: it prevents people from gaining access to your address, phone number, and other private information.

ID Protection insures that your private contact information is not exposed. It is held in confidentiality and protected by our Principal’s Domain Privacy Protection Service. Their contact information is displayed to provide you with the highest level of protection against spammers and identity theft.