Wi-fi for hotels and guest houses

We know fitting Wi-Fi throughout your entire hotel feels like a big job – and it is – but with experience we’re a dab hand at seamless installations. We’ve set up wi-fi hotspots in Malawi’s lakeshore resorts and guest houses – they all know that a great wi-fi service is top of the list for guests.

Key benefits

Wi-Fi means a more comfortable stay

Which means happier guests, who’ll visit again

It’s a must for conferences and events


Wi-Fi for retail and department stores

We know that in today’s busy world your customers need to get online everywhere, all the time. We’ve installed a great Wi-Fi service in some of Malawi’s largest shopping outlets, and there’s no space too big.

Key benefits

Wi-Fi means a much higher footfall

Customers are much more likely to visit again

Share promotional offers direct



 Wi-Fi for restaurants, bars and cafes

  • Most of us own a smartphone, and we always want to get online. In today’s non-stop world, we know your customers will choose somewhere with Wi-Fi over somewhere without.


    Key benefits

    • Wi-Fi means new customers
    • And it keeps the regulars coming
    • They’ll make themselves at home —staying longer and spending more
    • Share special offers and promote your brand

Wi-Fi for travel lounges and stations

At stations and airports, people are on the go, departure time might be looming — they need information fast. This is where Wi-Fi can save the day, providing a simple way of finding much needed info to make sure they stay en route.

Key benefits

  • Travellers can keep in touch on the move
  • They can work flexibly and make the most of time between meetings
  • Customers can check in online and access their travel documents